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Canada – Electric Power & Renewables 2019

Canada Relies More on Wind Energy

Wind energy will be further expanded in Canada. Even with dwindling subsidies at the provincial level, wind will prevail on the market as its costs are decreasing.

Published: 23 June 2019
Brazil – Electric Power & Renewables 2019

Solar Energy is Conquering Brazil

Brazil’s solar energy sector is growing intensively, as photovoltaics are becoming more competitive. Medium-sized solar parks for decentralized generation offer particularly good opportunities.

Published: 16 June 2019
Indonesia – Electric Power & Renewables 2019

Power Plant Construction in Indonesia Suffers From Unclear Regulation

Indonesia wants to involve the private sector more closely in the building of conventional power plants. South Korean and Japanese companies often act as main contractors.

Published: 21 May 2019
Saudi Arabia – Electric Power & Renewables 2019

Saudi Arabia Sets Record Solar Targets

So far, gas and oil have dominated power generation in Saudi Arabia, with renewables playing only a minor role. But according to plans, less oil will be used for electricity generation. The gap will be filled with gas, nuclear power, and renewable energies. 40 GW of photovoltaic output is planned by 2030.

Published: 25 April 2019
Kenya – Sector Overview 2019

Import Business Is Usually More Profitable Than Local Production

Kenya’s industrial growth is meager. In a regional comparison, the country is in danger of falling behind Ethiopia, a low-wage country. There are business opportunities for foreign providers of staple foods and used cars.

Published: 24 April 2019
Vietnam – Electric Power & Renewables 2019

Vietnam's Solar Energy is Developing Ahead of Expectations

With the introduction of a feed-in tariff for solar energy in 2017, a run on solar projects has begun in Vietnam. By June 2019 solar power capacity will reach 1.5 to 2 GW.

Published: 21 April 2019
Poland – Electric Power & Renewables 2019

Poland Aims to Massively Expand Offshore Wind Energy

New strategies by the Polish government are promoting offshore wind energy, and onshore wind turbines are on the sidelines. But the government says that this is all a misunderstanding, and announces new auctions.

Published: 19 April 2019
Oman – Infrastructure Projects

Megaprojects Are Taking Place in the Duqm Region of Oman

Massive investments are pending in the Omani special economic zone of Duqm. Projects worth US$ 33 billion are planned.

Published: 17 April 2019
Sri Lanka – Electric Power & Renewables

Sri Lanka Could Rely More on Renewable Energies in the Long Term

Sri Lanka enjoys ideal conditions for producing solar and wind energy. However, expansion projects are progressing rather slowly, though this may change in the near future.

Published: 08 April 2019
Kuwait – Electric Power & Renewables

Kuwait Intends to Increase its Power Plant Capacities

Kuwait needs additional power plants and is looking for private investors. The share of renewable energies is expected to increase to 15% from its current 0.4% level, according to plans.

Published: 15 March 2019